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Upcoming Shows:

After the Rain

Join intrepid explorer Ivy on a wild romp through the woods as she answers the call of a stranded worm.


After the Rain takes children into a magical, musical world of discovery as Ivy sets off to find Mrs Bumpting the toad, meeting mystical mushrooms and all the wild creatures that come out when it's wet. Pursued by a council of crows and a barbershop quartet of singing snails, will Ivy make it home again in time for tea?


This highly adaptable, intensely theatrical puppet show will tour

playgroups, schools and multiple venues, inside and open air, across

Essex during May, June and July.

This two-person show will be performed on a portable rotating stage

Suitable for children aged 3-7 and families.

If you are a venue or group who would like to host After the Rain

please email

After the Rain is funded by Essex County Council Arts & Cultural Fund

 Essex County Council Arts & Cultural fund helps organisations and practitioners to deliver a broad and exciting range of work and activity to engage with and bring residents together.

The arts, cultural and creative projects supported by Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund will contribute to the Levelling Up Essex Strategy and play an integral part in enabling the objectives of Essex County Council's wider objectives as set out in Everyone’s Essex.

 “Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical and beautiful”

Fringe Review – Highly Recommended 


“Heartfelt anarchic theatre at its best” Queer Puppets Cabaret

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