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About Our
Environmental Sustainability Policy

Sabotage Theatre is committed to environmental sustainability. As a grassroots company that has toured the countryside for many years, bringing adventure and imagination to local communities, we recognise our responsibility to protect the landscapes, ecosystems and communities that inspire us.

We know there is always more we can do. That's why we're strengthening our sustainability commitments with a formal Environmental Policy to steer our efforts. Key focuses of our policy include:


  • Reducing emissions and minimising waste from touring and travel. We’ll gather data to benchmark and then cut carbon impacts, while prioritising eco-friendly transport modes and accommodation.


  • Making sustainably and disposing ethically. Taking stock of materials used, we'll increase recycled content, reduce packaging, and manage waste properly. Where possible, sets, props and costumes will enjoy extended lives through reuse, repurposing or recycling.


  • Improving energy efficiency in rehearsals and shows. We'll measure usage, adopt energy-saving equipment, and partner with venues on efficiency.


  • Rethinking marketing and operations. From sustainable printing and distribution to reassessing providers and minimising unnecessary travel, we'll consider environmental factors in all administrative activities.


  • Collaborating with venues and suppliers. We’ll open a dialogue on environmental best practices and requirements, so that collectively we may tread more lightly.


  • Engaging our workforce on solutions. From sharing sustainability resources to gathering feedback and ideas, we’ll involve our team in shaping and taking ownership of this ongoing journey and equip them with the tools to improve the sustainability of their own practice.


  • Inspiring audiences through our art. We'll continue to embed environmental themes and messages into the stories we tell and how we tell them. From resilient forms of hope to humanity’s relationship with nature, the issues that move us will shape our work.


  • Fostering continuous improvements over time. Through monitoring, internal dialogue and policy reviews, we'll keep strengthening our environmental sustainability practices year on year.


As a small company, we recognise our limits but think big about our potential for impact. Beyond our own direct footprint, we can positively influence partners, upskill peers, and provoke questions that ripple out far beyond us.

Our policy marks the formal start of a long-term endeavour, woven into every show we make. We don’t pretend to have all the answers today. This is just the beginning of a conversation we’re eager to have - with our audiences, our industry, and most importantly, ourselves. Through honesty, creativity and care for our communities and landscapes, we move forward.

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