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About Us

The Sabotage Approach to Theatre

"Heartfelt, anarchic theatre at its best"  Queer puppets cabaret

Sabotage Theatre is a grass roots theatre company with a passion for adventure. We have performed in locations spanning from ancient forests and churches to a Victorian Asylum.  We have toured with horses, camped, walked from venue to venue, piled props in prams and on trains and lit plays with burning torches fuelled by recycled chip oil. Sabotage Theatre is vibrant, unique, and uncompromisingly live.


"Sabotage Theatre changed what I thought was possible with theatre - I realised that I wasn't watching what I thought theatre was, I was watching what I thought theatre could be."
Megan Johnson, Director of Smugglers Festival

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One woman's skip is another's scenery. Our puppets, costumes and set are made from recycled materials.

We love nature and the countryside and this feeds into our work; in its creation and delivery. We are committed to environmental sustainability in our work.  


We feel Theatre shouldn't be limited to the cities and towns. Over the last decade we have explored touring in alternative ways which have embraced the eccentricities and unique qualities of rural life. Sabotage has made 7 original plays and travelled Kent, Sussex and Cornwall. Our mission throughout has been to inspire people off the beaten track to engage with bold, visual, contemporary theatre.

Acting & Drama Classes

"Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical and beautiful"

Fringe review

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We are born with a natural leaning towards play, which is either formalised and repressed, or pursued, depending on the openness of our education and the rigidity of our environment. Everyone has this aspect of play deep within them, which cries out to be provoked, nurtured and surprised, however much we think it was long forgotten with the dressing up box and the toy guns. We are living in a society where live contact is being slowly pushed out bit by bit, our experiences of relationships becoming more ‘virtual’. Theatre is imperfect, it is volatile, and it is ‘real’ play through which we can contact that primal part of ourselves that needs to explore forbidden fantasies and purge frightening emotions. 

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‘A company that not only entertains but also challenges audiences in a way that is hardly found these days.’- Andre Braga, Director of Folkestone Puppetry Festival

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