The Looker

Things move so fast these days it’s easy to get lost. Lost in time. Lost in ourselves. To cope with this feeling Vida writes letters to herself in the future. Sometimes she leaves voice messages. One day the future calls her back.


"A show about freedom. Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical - and beautiful." Highly Recommended Show, Fringe Review

"Stepping into The Looker feels like walking into another world. One populated by puppets and people and all sorts in-between, with magic and music in the air." **** Broadway Baby

In the summer of 2017 The Looker toured with horse and cart, performing in Lost villages, forests, barns, historical churches and other hidden beauty spots across Kent and Sussex.


"Sabotage is very grateful to its sponsors and everybody who donated to our crowdfunding campaign to make the 2017 Horse Drawn tour possible. With special thanks to Steve Wallace, the Findlay Family, Dmitri Grabov, Roy and Vicki Sheffield and Andrew Sinden."

Photography by: Simon Baines, Nikos Kolios, Sam Thomas, Emma Bailey, Zinta Gercans, Harriet Layhe, Lisa Dear

& Joanna Carter.

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